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Game Introduction

Rem Survival is an open world sandbox survival game which is being developed on the Unreal Engine 5!

Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal conditions, radiation poisoning, and toxic gas inhalation while trying to keep your sanity intact. Shack up, cook some chicken, and make friends or enemies as you discover, explore, learn, build, and develop your skills and strategies needed to survive.

• World day-night cycle
• Character hunger, thirst, stamina and thermal conditions
• Temperature changes based on time-of-day and season
• Character clothing and gadget system
• Clan system that allows base and item access
• Power construction - Connect to the power grid or build your own
• Quest system - Find random loot quests around the island to earn rewards
• Airdrops with 3 tier drop types
• Random town and forest loot spawns
• Radiation zones and underground bunkers
• Blueprints and schematics - Find and learn how to craft and build new items
• Research bench - Research base construction with your hard-earned points to further develop your base

• Locally/Dedicated Hosted Single-player, Co-op, PVE and PVP modes.
• Crafting - build a workbench and gather tools to increases your crafting chances
• Vehicle construction - build and drive your own vehicles
• Character skills and attributes - level up your character increasing your survival chance
• Dynamic base building with material tiers
• Dynamic weather - thunderstorms to fog to light rain
• Weapon attachments - add red-dots and other useful mods to improve your weapons
• Harvest and gather resources of all kinds
• NPCs - Animals, Mutated Humans and Elites Enemy Types
• Farming - Graden beds, compost bin and greenhouses
• Cooking - Campfire to stove to pot and grill
• Smelting - From stone to iron furnaces

    Available on steam for $15.99 USD.
    Released on 6th Mach 2021.
    Was Greenlit by steam in 2016.
    Solely Developed.
    Renamed from Remnants to Rem Survival in 2023.

Immortal Hand Studio is based in Perth Western Australia and is a Sole proprietorship business entity.